The Do’s and Don’ts of Wearing Red Lipstick

Kicking up your look can be as simple as sweeping a sexy shade of crimson across your lips, but there are a few things...
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15 + DIY Projects You Will Love!

The crew here at Fit&Fab has been hard at work coming up with new, exciting and, naturally, FABULOUS ways for you to get st...
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Healthy Homemade Pita Chips

These chips can be used for everything from hummus to salsa; the healthy factor can't be beat. Why eat greasy chips that cost $...
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Get Pinning! Pinterest App Update

Hear ye, hear ye! One of the newest and largest social networks known as read more

Drink to Your Health: Fruit Facts + Juice Recipes

Juice can keep you healthy and alert, from pomegranate to orange and beyond. Find out how juice keeps you healthy and get the r...
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Stop Hoarding! 3 Decluttering Tips

Admit it: you're at least a little bit guilty of having a mess in your closet, a box (or ten) of ancient bills or high school p...
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5 Healthy Chicken Favorites

Is chicken on the menu tonight? If so, try making one of our healthy chicken recipes.  These recipes are sup...
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3 Things You Should Never Do After A Breakup

We all know that a breakup can lead to questioning your decisions, clouded judgment and various other missteps. Read on how to ...
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Olympic Fever: Go for Gold with Our Interviews, Beauty, Fashion + Workout Tips

Access all our Olympic content in this feature: we have interviews with Olympians, beauty products that are Olympic-themed, the fa...
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Smooch! 3 Reasons To Kiss More Often

Kissing may simply be a fun activity or something you do out of habit, but there are viable reasons you should be smooching mor...
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