Sanjana Karanth

The Health Benefits of Lavender

We all know that lavender smells wonderful, but did you know it's extremely helpful when it comes to natural remedies?...
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Keeping It Classy: The Health Benefits of Red Wine

If red wine is your drink of choice, you are in luck. As with any alcoholic beverage, the only way to enjoy it is resp...
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Have a Healthy, Happy Heart

Red wine is extremely popular for its heart-healthy benefits. The alcohol and antioxidants found in red wine,...
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Stop the Sniffles

Who knew drinking red wine would keep away the read more

A Glass a Day Keeps the Joint Pain Away

Since we know now that they drinking a glass be used as an anti-inflammatory, antioxidants in red wine can ea...
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Drink to Your Creativity

Of course, drinking large amounts of wine daily is not going to help your cognition in any way whatsoever. A ...
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Goodbye Anti-Aging Cream

Don't want to spend on expensive creams or injections? Looking for lower cost anti-aging alternatives? It tur...
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Don't Worry, Drink Happy

We all know a wine night with your girls can only bring happiness, but a read more

Control Your Blood Sugar

The antioxidants in red wine have proven to help health, including read more

The Tastier Sleep Remedy

Ever heard of the tip to drink a glass of red wine before bed? It’s not just because wine is super tasty; w...
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