The Benefits of Biotin

Tired of dry hair and dull skin? Biotin is a natural supplement that may be the answer to your beauty issues.

Biotin is a natural supplement that can be taken to help support healthy hair, nails and skin. It is a vitamin that is necessary for cell growth and is therefore thought of as a beauty supplement. I started taking Biotin about a month ago and have already started to notice healthier skin and nails. My hair is badly damaged from years of heat styling and not protecting it from the sun. I hope that over time the Biotin will help strengthen my hair. My face has not had a breakout all month and my skin is looking more radiant. I have long suffered from brittle nails and lately my nails have been looking stronger and are not breaking as easily.

Biotin is a safe supplement that hasn't had any recorded negative side effects. I take 3 biotin tablets once a day as the bottle recommends. It is usually found in protein rich foods, so you can get biotin naturally in eggs, dairy products, nuts, salmon, and even whole grain bread. I was able to purchase my biotin at my local drugstore for about 13 dollars. It is a serious beauty miracle worker. If you are struggling with weak hair and nails and dull skin give Biotin a try because there is no harm done and a lot to gain.  

There are different vitamins and supplements that also benefit your skin and hair, such as omega 3 and fish oil. These natural supplements help with the shine and overall health of your skin and hair. Fish oil is also great at reducing redness in skin. Ask your pharmacist about the beauty benefits in different supplements. You will be surprised at the surprising benefits in these simple and natural vitamins. 

As with any vitamin or supplement ask your doctor and local pharmacist about Biotin before taking it. 

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