Hairstyles that Melt Off Years

Hairstyles that Melt Off Years

The hairstyle you choose says a lot about you, and we've learned that it makes a bold statement about your age. Keep reading to get the scoop on how hair and face appearance can add or subtract years from your look.

The Color

Whether you choose to embrace your natural greys or a more platinum blond or chocolate brown mane, the color you choose for your hair is very important and affects how old you look. If you do choose to cover your greys, be sure to dye your eyebrows so that they have the same bright hue. Update your color every 4 weeks (just the roots!) so that new hair doesn't give away your secret. If you keep your greys, tame the frizz and you'll look a lot younger. Just because you have grey hair doesn't mean it has to be full of flyaways!

The Short Cut

Lots of people get the idea that shorter hair is for older women. As we age, our hair begins to thin, and longer hair doesn't look as full as it once was. This is a huge misconception.

Think of short hair instead as a cut full of sophistication and class. Emma Watson has a shorter cut, and her look is totally glam. Halle Berry has rocked this look for years. Instead of shying away from this cut because it means saying good-bye to the long locks of your younger days, embrace this cut as truly stylish. No one will tell the age of your hair when it's only an inch or two long!


As everyone gets older, more hair products are necessary to maintain that glossy, young hair look. Remember when you were a kid, or when your kids were growing up, they could just hop in the bath and let their hair air dry? It would come out looking like perfection. As we age, hair becomes more dry, brittle, and dull. Hair color and moisture-reviving products are a must for older hair. Go to your hair salon or a beauty supply store, and find products that specifically target your age group for the best effect.

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