Hair Loss & Restoration: The Facts You Need to Know

by eyount
Hair Loss & Restoration: The Facts You Need to Know
Hair loss is something that a variety of people experience - people of different ages and cultures. Sometimes the hair loss is due to age, and other times, it is genetic. Everyone knows that people often judge on appearance, and great hair is strived for. We can't all have the hair of the celebrities, but we can correct damage to our hair with both surgical and non-surgical procedures. Keep reading for all the facts you need before you consider a hair restoration process!

Androgenic alopecia is a condition most associated with male and female hair loss. What are your options for permanent restoration and preventing future damage? Hair loss can be embarassing and even depressing. No one wants to look at their hairbrush and see hair continually falling out- we are here to help!
What can you do to help hair regrowth?
Minoxidil (also known as Rogaine) is approved for women who suffer from Androgenic Alopecia. It slows down hair loss and speeds up the regrowth process. It is widely used and many people find it to be an effective treatment. This is a non-invasive way to prevent hair loss and treat current hair loss issues.
Hair Transplant Surgery involves hair graft transplant or scalp stretching. During the stretching process, bald skin is surgically removed and replaced with skin covered with healthier hair follicles. It is then stretched over the scalp. 
During Follicular Unit Transplantation, grafts of hair are transplanted into the thinning or balding area of the scalp. These grafts come from a 'donor' area on the person's scalp where there is an abundance of healthy hair growth.
If you aren't looking for an invasive procedure, you should focus on keeping brittle hair healthy with hot oil and leave-in conditioner treatments. Reducing use of heat styling products like your blowdryer, straightener or curling iron will also help keep hair healthy- and prevent hair loss.
Looking for ways to keep your hair beautiful? Take a look at these terrific tips!
Did you know that food can also keep hair healthy? Take a look at these foods that will give your hair shine and make it stronger!

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