3 New Hairstyles for Mature Women

by eyount
3 New Hairstyles for Mature Women

Have you admired the youthful yet age-appropriate locks of Sharon Stone or Sigourney Weaver? Have you wondered how you could get your hair to look that fresh and chic with a simple haircut or style? Keep reading for the latest short cuts and the easy ways you can make them last through Fall, Winter and even into Spring!

It's easy to fall into a hair rut and let your hair grow out into a split-ended mess. We all have lives to live and lead, so sometimes our hair falls by the wayside. No worries! Here are some of the newest hairstyles that are easy to maintain and suitable for any woman's life- whether you are a homemaker, a career woman or active in a variety of activities. These looks are for you all!
Keep the ends slightly spiky so that the hair has texture. It's so easy to cut! Just ask for a spiky razor-cut style or a razor-cut shag if you want to keep it a bit more on the longer side. A shag could be chin-length or even closer to the shoulders. The idea is to keep it easy to style- pomade, gel or mousse will do the job just fine. You can literally wash your hair at night, wake up and put a bit of product in. It's really as simple as that, and this is coming from someone who has had the style, too!
Wavy Locks
If you have wavy hair, a layered look that falls below the chin and above the shoulders is ideal. Women from age 20 to 60 can make this look work, because it has youth in its length but isn't too long to get in the way of everyday activities! It has a bit of romance to it. It's ideal for everything from a work meeting to cocktail hour, a wedding and beyond!

Working It

If you have a professional career position that requires you to look polished, a shorter style will give your face lift while also allowing you to look ageless. A bob with sideswept bangs can be pretty and romantic at night and professional by day. A headband or clip can make it more youthful for evening and during the day, all you need to worry about is keeping your bangs to the side with the perfect cut and a touch of pomade. This look works for you and allows you to work it- both at the day job and out on the town at night!
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