2 Easy Hairstyles To See You Through 'Til Spring!

by eyount
2 Easy Hairstyles To See You Through 'Til Spring!

It is always a hassle to have to worry about your hair in a season that brings rain, sleet, snow and wind (not to mention a variety of hats that are sometimes less than flattering), so we have the two perfect styles that will allow you to be on your way quickly and without any hair drama! Keep reading for your morning routine hair saviors!

The Wavy Ponytail: Longer Hair
If you have long locks and a curling iron or waver, this style is a must! Start off by grabbing all of your hair in one hand and brushing it into a low side ponytail - easy as pie!
Use a curling iron or waver to curl various sections of your hair, keeping the look loose and natural and comb it out a bit if the curls are too tight. When finished, you’ll be left with either a wavy or curly ponytail! It's a clean and sleek look that takes only a few minutes and is ideal for women with longer hair.

Retro Flip
: Medium and Shorter Hair
Remember the 70's flip? It’s back and better then ever!
Use a large-barrel curling iron on your locks, flipping your hair away from your face. This bouncey and fun look is easy and perfect year-round. Add a bit of hairspray to hold the look. You can easily slip on a hat or earmuffs and keep the bottom of your hair exposed, showing the highlight of this style--- no one has to know what the crown of your hair looks like, but all the same, with a bit of spray, this look will stay in place no matter what hat you choose to don!



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