Top 3 Ways to Add Texture to Your Hair

Top 3 Ways to Add Texture to Your Hair
While it may seem fun to have stick straight hair that never has a flyaway, you'll find that it's way more interesting to have some texture to your hair. Keep reading to learn how to add some wave, curls, or even just a bit of roughness and texture to straight or boring hair.

Use the Right Products
Unfortunately, a flat comb and no product will probably not help you get a look of texture in your hair. Try switching to a paddle brush or even a round brush. Also, add in a product like mouse or salt spray to give your hair something to work with. These products can help hold form to your hair.

Airdrying is Your Friend
Even if you like to blowdry your hair, that helps make it flat. Try half blow drying your hair, and let the other 50% air dry. Even if you're trying to get rid of some of your natural curl, a half blow dry will do most of the work. Air drying lets your hair regain some of its natural texture.

Don't Overvalue Your Hairbrush
Once you brush your hair after getting out of the shower, try not to brush it again. Brushing can take out some of the curls that you have given to your locks. Instead, use fingers to rake through your hair if it needs a bit of a touch up. Keep brushing and combing to a minimum.

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