3 Super Summer Hair Tips

by eyount
3 Super Summer Hair Tips

Let your hair down this coming season and keep it healthy and pretty with these easy tips for achieving easy, breezy styles. Enjoy the season with simple styles that let your natural beauty shine through. Read on for the tips that will take you from day to night all Summer long!

Give your hair a break this Summer and let it air dry. Whether you are heading out for a walk after showering or going to your car, letting your hair loose and free will give it a break from the heat of the hairdryer and a break from product build-up. If you want to go one step further...
Treat Yourself...with Chamomile!
Drinking a cup of tea is excellent, but so is chamomile for your tresses!

What You Need:

4 oz. distilled water
1 oz. glycerin
8 oz. chamomile tea (Steep tea, then save liquid)
1 oz. coconut oil
3 drops tincture of rose
Mix ingredients, then shake vigorously. Use as a hair rinse after you shampoo the hair. Note: Black tea is ideal for brunettes while chamomile is perfect for those with blonde locks.
Braid On

Braids are a cute summer look, but they also serve a purpose: keeping hair in a braid protects it from the harsh summer sun. Before you braid your hair, shampoo and then apply a leave-in conditioner with sunscreen. We like options from Paul Mitchell (The Cream). Once the sun has set, remove the braid to reveal lustrous locks that are perfect for an after hours beach party!


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