Gold Rush! 3 Tips for Going Blonde this Summer

by eyount
Gold Rush! 3 Tips for Going Blonde this Summer
It's that time of year again: Summer! It's a season full of flirty sundresses and sky-high wedges, beach fun and lazy days in the sun. You can hope that the sun's rays will give you those natural highlights you crave, or you can go lighter with these easy tips from the beauty department here at Fit&Fab! You don't have to head West for this gold rush; these are easy ways you can go lighter without the hard work!

Decisions, Decisions
Make sure you head into the salon knowing what kind of blonde you want to be. Do you want to go platinum like Marilyn Monroe or keep a natural strawberry blonde tone? Do you want a cool blonde color or do you prefer warm hues? Be sure to bring in a photo of the style and color you want before you take the plunge. Nothing is worse than spending good money on something you won't be happy with!
Lemon Drop
Want to go lighter without a trip to the salon? Simply mix lemon juice, oil and water and apply to damp, unwashed hair. Another easy way to incorporate the juice mixture is to use a spray bottle mister. You can either bask in the sun or blowdry your locks. Either way, you should have a lighter look after a few applications over a period of several days. This is an easy way to give yourself natural-looking highlights.
Don't Be Brassy!
Avoid brassiness by using a shampoo intended for hair that has been dyed blonde. Avoid the sun after a dye job; you want to preserve the color it has been dyed. The blonde hue will brighten your face and keep you looking Summer-ready all season long. Now off to the beach with you!
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