Tips For The Perfect Blowout

How to get a salon quality blowout without making the trip

Invest in a Good Blow Dryer

But, wait, don’t all blow dryers do the same thing? Well, not really. Although all blow dryers have the goal of drying your hair, there are two vast differences between blow dryers. Blow dryers that are ionic help hair cuticles lie flat and eliminate frizz. 

This is great for women who have hard to manage frizzy, often curly, hair. Additionally, using a defuser will perfect your curls with this type of blowdryer. Don’t jump on the band wagon just yet, though. If volume is your issue when it comes to your hair, don’t invest in an ionic blow dryer due to it’s flattening tendencies.

Don’t Towel Dry

Yes, we know that you can’t step out of your shower and start blow drying your hair immediately. But, knowing how to go from wet to damp hair the right way is the first step to the perfect blowout.

Rubbing your hair with a towel will create frizz and can lead to more damage, while wrapping the towel around your hair will flatten the roots. Instead, simply blot your hair with the towel to keep moisture intact 

Know Your Haircut

The way your hair is cut makes a tremendous difference as to how you should blow dry it. All one length? A straight, sleek blowout looks great according to Alli Webb, co-founder of Drybar blowout salons. If you have layers, Alli suggests using a round-brush to create more of a bounce and create movement.

Section and Use Tension

Essentially, the best advice you can receive from us, aside from how to prep your hair to create the perfect look, is knowing exactly how to blow dry your hair. If you have curly or frizzy hair, or if you are just trying to achieve beachy waves, we suggest attaching a diffuser to your blowdryer.

Check out these easy steps on how to diffuse your hair to create soft curls here. If you are looking for straight hair, sleek or with more bounce, then we suggest separating your hair into two-inch sections, wrapping it around a bunch, and pulling you hair tightly through to create a glossy, glassy-looking blowout.