The 5 Best Organic Shampoos

There's been a lot of buzz around all the chemicals in commercial shampoos that are damaging to our hair and our health. We aren't here to tell you why shampooing can be so detrimental, though we do advice you to read about the 'no poo' movement people seem to be embracing lately here. If you aren't quite ready to rid your hair of shampoo completely, fear not. We've taken it upon ourselves to extensively research natural, wholesome ingredient organic shampoos out there on the market. Here's a list of the five shampoos we've found to get the job done without harming your hair or, more importantly, your health. Oh, and we should probably mention that all of the shampoos listed cost less than 20 dollars, most ranging around the 8 to 12 dollar range leaving your wallet happy and your hair healthy!

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