How to Fix Old Nail Polish

How to Fix Old Nail Polish
Feel like shedding a tear when your favorite nail polish starts to get sticky and gooey? There's no use crying over old nail polish because it can be saved thanks to one miracle product!

What is this miracle product we speak of? Nail polish thinner. You can get some at the drugstore, beauty supply stores or online. It only costs a few dollars, and when you consider the amount of money it costs for even one bottle of good nail polish, it's well worth getting yourself a bottle!

To thin your nail polish add 1-2 drops of thinner to the bottle of nail polish. Then shake the bottle to mix the thinner and polish. Let the polish sit for 20 minutes then test some on your nail. If it is still not back to its orginial consistency keep adding thinner a couple drops at a time.

Whatever you do don't add nail polish remover to thin your nail polish! Nail polish remover is meant to dissolve polish, so it will ruin your polish. Something you definitely don't want to do. Nail polish thinner is your best bet.

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