3 Nail Polishes that Will Redefine Your Collection

3 Nail Polishes that Will Redefine Your Collection

Even if you're sick of every nail polish in your collection, we have some great ways to give new life to your collection. Here are some polishes that you can combine with your preexisting ones, and invent a brand new manicure! Keep reading to see our revolutionary ideas.

1. Essie's "Matte About You" will be a gamechanger in your nail polish collection if only for the reason that it can change the finish of any nail polish. Go from the traditional glossy manicured look to a matte finish that looks every bit new and trendy. You can also try patterns, like doing a French-style manicure with part matte polish and part glossy. 


2. OPI's "Metallic for Life," or virtually any heavy glitter polish for that matter, will be instrumental in glamming up all of your other nail polish colors. Use it on top of any color, and try different methods of applying it. Fill in a heart, or paint just the tips.


3. OPI's "Shatter" in White or any other color looks great on top of virtually any color nail polish. It's a unique look that will have your friends oohing and ahhing over your nails. The great thing about shatter polish is that it is also thick, so your manicure is bound to last for at least a week!

What nail polishes are go-to's in your collection? Also, check out this new OPI spotted polish that may be coming to a store near you in the future!



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