All About Clensing Oils

All About Clensing Oils

Winter has an infamous way of turning gorgeous skin into a crackled mess of dry groves and ridges. This year, how about taking some tips from the beauty regimen of the lovely Cleopatra? This radiant Egyptian icon utilized essential oils like almond and rose along with other natural elements to keep her skin flawlessly smooth. Find the right oil-based cleansers for your skin. 


Massaging more oil into already oil-prone skin may not seem like the best idea, but there are certain oils that remove the dirt and grime without leaving your skin shinier than ever. Try a mixture of moisturizing sunflower seed oil and a touch of castor oil. Castor oil is best known for anti-inflammatory and cleansing properties. Cover your face with the oils focusing on trouble areas and then rinse with hot water. 


For dry skin, use a mix with more castor oil and just a touch of sunflower seed oil. Follow with an oil facial massage followed by a hot water rinse. Your skin will be baby-bottom smooth and refreshed without the sting of harsh chemical toners. 

All Other Types

Natural oils are also making their way into a variety of skincare products lining shelves today. Talk with an expert and try to find an oil that works great for you and your unique skin. 

Acne-Prone skin

The Body Shop’s Tea Tree Oil attacks popup blemishes without drying your skin. It has a mild cooling effect that lets you feel the magic working as you rub it in. 

Great Cleansing Oils

If dirt and grim plague your face in more than just a few spots, try smoothing Origins’ Clean Energy cleansing oil over your face before hopping in the shower. Sunflower, sesame, and safflower oils work together to remove makeup and other pollutants that build during the day.  

Sensitive Skin

For a complete regimen set check out Aveda’s All-Sensitive kit featuring the Body Formula made from sunflower, safflower and primrose oils for a mild but effective cleansing treatment. 


What should you do?

Expert Christina Seese from the Aveda Salon Spa in Woodfield Mall in Shaumburg, Ill. suggests a consult before choosing a full line of products to try. A tailored system will work best for your unique skin.

“I would recommend the whole line but it depends on your skin," says Seese. "If someone comes in, first I ask, ‘Well describe your skin to me.'”

Seeses went on to suggest coupling Aveda’s Outer Peace Foaming Cleanser and Outer Peace Acne Relief Lotion for mildly acne prone skin. 

When trying any new treatment, it’s important to know the skin you have to achieve the radiant Cleopatra-esque skin you deserve. Products are only part of equation. Be sure to maintain a healthy diet and exercise plan for a holistic feel-better plan that will help you love your body this New Year. 

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