Finding The Best Running Shoes For You

Finding The Best Running Shoes For You

When it comes to running shoes, never sacrifice comfort for fashion. If you make this compromise, you’ll find yourself in a lot of pain.

Shoes can either make or break your run. The best way to find the perfect pair of running shoes is to determine your arch type – which ultimately determines your pronation, the inward movement of the foot.

Arch Type
Your arch type determines the way you run and the type of arch support you’ll need. There are three arch types: normal, flat and high.


Those with normal arches land and push off efficiently when they run. This distributes the force of impact evenly. Therefore, those with normal pronation will find even wear along the forefront and heel of their shoes. Though most normal pronators can use various types of running shoes, size and weight may affect the level of stability and cushion that’s needed. In most cases, stability shoes with semi-curved lasts (the shape of the shoe and its surrounding form) will be most comfortable for normal pronators.

Those with flat arches overpronate, meaning the foot rolls inward too much. Instead of pushing off after the foot lands, it continues to roll inward. If you’re an overpronator, you’ll find excessive wear on the inner part of your forefoot and heel. This can cause stress and pain on the foot, shin and knee. Therefore, motion control shoes with straight or semi-curved work the best for flat-footed runners. Arch supports and orthotics may help too.

Those with high arches underpronate, meaning the foot rolls inward too little. This results in high shock and impact on the outside of the foot. Thus, underpronators will find excessive wear along the outside of the forefront and heel of their shoes. The best way to remedy this situation is to run in lightweight shoes with curved lasts to allow for more pronation and foot motion.

Once you’ve determined your arch type, try on the shoe. Oftentimes, you may need a half-size or full-size smaller or larger. It’s also important to choose shoes according to the surface you’ll be running on since there are certain shoes designed for the road or trail.

Somewhere out there, your shoes are waiting for you. Now it’s time to go find them.


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