8 Helpful Frugal Fitness and Wellness Tips


The holiday season can often present the biggest challenge when you're trying to stay fit. Not only is there just not enough time between end-of-year parties, tying up loose ends, concerts, school and work obligations, it can be expensive to stay in shape if you're dependent on a gym or top-of-the-line fitness clothes. Don't worry about it! I'm here with some suggestions that will help you cut corners for your budget but will work wonders for staying in shape during this insanely busy time of year.


Become a YouTube Video Workout Queen

We have talked about fitness bloggers you should follow. Some of them offer subscription services, but once you get familiar with the kinds of workouts you like and how much time you have to commit to them on a weekly schedule, you'll find your favorite digital workout in no time. The best part of stretching and sweating it out at home? For the most part, you can save a big chunk of change on fancy gym shoes and equipment.

Personally, I love yoga workouts to wake me up in the morning. I'm a firm believer in feeling accomplished before I even walk out the door, and a 20 minute workout routine tends to work wonders.


Check out Exercise Videos from the Library

If you want to broadcast your workout videos in HD quality on your big screen TV, the local library is a great resource for workout videos galore. My sister and I always like to check out Zumba tapes when we're home for the holidays visiting our parents. It doesn't cost a thing, and these videos are often part of paid subscriptions that you can try out on loan before investing in the real deal.


Find the Best Bargains on Workout Gear

Living in a huge city like New York or Chicago can often cause pressure to look impossibly chic at all times, including working out. Everywhere I go, I see women of all ages trotting out the latest Lululemon gear, which looks darling, but is it worth the $100+ price tag for essential items like outdoor running sweatshirts and exercise pants? For me, no way.

I look to a more reasonable price point for my workout gear, and can I let you in a secret? Old Navy Activewear and similar brands make clothing that looks just as cute, has stood up to as many washes as my one (gifted) pair of Lululemon workout pants has, and comes in just as a wide variety of styles as the pricey stuff. Don't sacrifice looking cute! When you look at the right stores, there is definitely room in your budget for sprucing up your workout look.


Get Crafty and Make Resistance Bands Out of Old Tights

Whether you have a fully stocked gym at home or no equipment at all, simple hacks will work you out just the same. As always when you're choosing a product or hack that's not regulation, listen to your body to make sure you aren't over-stretching your muscles or causing discomfort.

That said, you might not have a set of physical therapy-grade resistance bands, you most likely have a pair of tights with a run in them. That's your (almost) free pass to stretching out those muscles, without spending another penny!

Cheap Gym Equipment

Get the Most Out of Cheap Gym Equipment

If you can pick it up at the local supermarket, make it work for you. I'm talking about kid-friendly workout equipment that will still work the same wonders on your adult frame. Grab a jump rope, a huge bouncy ball, maybe even a Skip It! Anything that's under $15 bucks that can really go the distance that's easy to store at home is a great way to incorporate more fitness equipment in your life for a fraction of the price.

Use a Free App

Use a Free App to Track Your Progress

Sure, wearable tech is great, but if you're already paying for a smartphone, why add on even more money when you can take advantage of free apps that help you stay super fit...not to mention offer great workouts!? Sounds like a solid deal to me. Apps like My Fitness Pal make it pretty easy to stay on track with your diet and exercise regimen, without hiring a trainer or committing to a gym membership or meal plan. All it needs is you adding the input!

Make Up Your Own Workout

Make Up Your Own Workout Instead of Joining an Expensive Gym

I can't possibly be the only kid who choreographed high-impact dance routines in her living room when she was young. I know you've got it in you. Take lessons from your favorite fitness courses and put your creativity to test by customizing your very own at-home workout.

If you love to dance, add in your favorite music. If yoga is your jam, assemble your favorite poses and grab a mat or towel. You've done the moves; making your own workouts on your time just shows that you've mastered them. You can always run outside for free...and imagine how great you'll feel when you're done and have a little extra pocket money for later!


Crunches are a Cheap Way to Get that Toned Look You're After

"Use your core". That is the battle cry of nearly any fitness class at any gym you will try. With this piece of advice in hand, you can get going on a free workout that uses your core to the max: crunches. They can be simple, or you can vary them up with bicycle crunches and so many more positions.

The most challenging element of this tip is finding the motivation and keeping it consistent. In fact, that's a great rule of thumb to keep in mind with all of this advice. If you do 50 crunches one day, it might not make much of an impact. But if you keep it up for weeks at a time, developing strong habits, you'll see fabulous results before you know it.