Stay Classy At The Gym

Gym Etiquette 101

 Stay Classy At The Gym

Etiquette is a concept not often associated with a workout. However, it’s something to keep in mind as you’re lacing up your gym shoes and sliding on that spandex. Working hard to get fit it great but so is remembering that the gym is a community environment. Nobody likes hopping on a machine that’s soaked in someone else’s sweat. Here are five easy tips to keep it classy at the gym.

1. Take A Towel
A trip to the gym is guaranteed to involve a hefty amount of sweat but that doesn’t mean you have to leave trail on every machine you touch. Simply wipe down your machine after you’ve finished your sets. Some gyms will even supply bottles of cleaner or their own towels to wipe down your spot.

2. Put Away The Phone

Unless you’re using your smart phone for music, try keeping your phone in your gym bag. Time at the gym should be a break from constant connection to your phone. Focus on toning your body, not responding to an onslaught of text messages. That also goes for hands-free headsets. Trying to focus on your reps while the guy next to you is yakking away on a call is way too distracting.  

3. Clean Up After Yourself

Let’s take a trip down memory lane shall we? Remember when your elementary school teacher used to yell at all the kids who took out the toys cars and never put them away? The same rules apply at the gym. If you take out weights make sure you return them to their rack before moving on to your next exercise. The same goes for any equipment that you have to move to a different area like yoga mats, weight bars etc.

4. Bring A Water Bottle

Hogging the water fountain is not only time consuming, it’s simply obnoxious. If you forget your water bottle and there is a line for the water fountain, take a few big gulps once you make it to the fountain and then get back in line if you need more.

5. Don’t Rest On The Machine
In-between your sets make sure to step away and let someone who is waiting use the machine as you rest. This way you and your new gym buddy can get your work done in half the time.

Try to keep these etiquette tips in mind the next time you trek to the gym. It’s one surefire way to stay classy while making your body fit and fabulous!


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