Workout Together, Stay Together?

Do couples who workout together, stay together for longer?
















Looking for a fun, Friday night activity to do with your significant other? Why not hit the gym? Releasing endorphins is a great way to spend time with someone you love. So whether you hit the beach for a few laps in the water, or go for a light jog around the neighborhood, working out helps you stay fit as a couple. But there are certainly more benefits than that. 

Studies have shown that in addition to releasing powerful feel-good chemicals, working out with a partner is more successful than exercising alone. The friendly competition kicks your body into full gear. A recent study by the Michigan State Department of Kinesiology concluded women who participated were active for twice as long when working with a partner. Exercising with a partner improved performance overall, with the motivation of partner performance pushing participants further. 

Working out together also creates a bond between the two of you. Creating a workout regime that works with your schedules can be special time between the two of you, away from work and other stresses. Having your significant other as an accountability partner will strengthen your bond because you're working toward a common goal.

Here's a great workout to get you started: 

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