Stop Making Excuses and Get the Abs You Want

Get the Abs You Want

Get prepared for the upcoming beach season with these simple and effective abdominal exercises! This article includes easy workouts that will tone you up and make every body type beach-ready!

Fitness goals are personal to each individual, but making the effort is something every single person can do. By course-correcting small things in your daily diet and changing up a few moves when you're working out at home or at the gym, you'll start seeing results, large or small.

Quit Soda

First Step – Quit Soda

The biggest risk for regular soda drinkers is the excess calories. The calories in regular soda come entirely from added sugar, and you're not getting any value in terms of vitamins or minerals, or even good quality carbohydrates. But soda may also be causing other types of harm. Drinking soda is linked with tooth decay and diabetes, and it can be bad for your bones. Do you really need this? Exclude soda from your life to start out new today.

Say No to Fast Food

Say No to Fast Food

Fast food is a major contributor to most weight loss issues.  It’s important to take stock of your lifestyle and make sure you’re doing all you can to live the best life possible. While it may seem convenient and inexpensive, the real cost of a fast food diet can be devastating for your health. 

It’s important to find a way to eat healthier foods that will fit into your lifestyle. If you have a lower-calorie pick at Mickey D's, stick with it. If not, be on the hunt for real food that produces real weight loss results.

Make Sure You're Eating Enough

Make Sure You’re Eating Enough and Regularly

It feels like it's hard to make a schedule for our meals when we're always on the rush with our daily routine. This requires us to stop. However, you don’t want to ruin your health by overworking yourself and forgetting to eat!

Being over-scheduled can affect more than just your diet.  It can deprive you of sleep and increase your stress levels in an unhealthy way. Organize your day, starting with the meals you eat on the proper schedule. It is more important than it may seem.

Stack the Deck with Fiber

Stack the Deck with Fiber

Dietary fiber found mainly in fruits, vegetables, whole grains and legumes are the foods to eat that will fuel your ab workout motivation.  Foods containing fiber can provide other health benefits as well, such as helping to maintain a healthy weight. Because eating fiber-rich foods is a sure way to make sure you feel full, it shuts down over-eating before it's an issue.

Use and Exercise Ball for Crunches

Use an Exercise Ball for Crunches

Exercise ball abdominal crunches target the entire abdominal region. These exercise helps to compress the rib cage and are important for stabilization of your core. If you twist when performing the crunch then you are also engaging the oblique muscles, which are located in your core. Try this out to get the abs you want immediately. Be careful, of course, when trying to maintain your balance.

Sit Ups and Sit Downs

You’ve Tried Sit Ups – Try Sit Downs!

The effective opposite of sit ups are, of course, sit downs! Sit on a decline bench or elevated area with your feet tucked under the bar at the “up” end of the bench. Sit up, with your hands behind your head, and lay half-way back… don’t lay all the way back! Then slowly sit all the way up again.

Repeat the set and remember to contract your abs all the way down and up. This is another move that requires good balance, so be patient while you're perfecting.

Crunch and Twist

Crunch and Twist

The medicine ball twist crunch is a relatively advanced exercise for the abs. It is also known as the Russian twist or the seated oblique twist. It is a variation of the side or twist crunch, which is similar to a standard crunch with shoulders lifted from the ground and abs tightened, except you twist the body to one side then the other in alternating crunches.

With the medicine ball twist crunch, you hold a medicine ball at the chest and, as you lift, you swing the ball to one side and return. Simple as that!

Medicine Ball Twist and Crunch

Medicine Ball Twist Crunch

This exercise targets all the abdominal muscles. These muscles are at the center and sides of the abdomen. As you build up core strength, it allows you to bend at the waist and supports the spine, while the obliques allow you to twist at the waist. Try out these exercises to build the abs you want in a small amount of time, involving all the previous tips to your program to see fast results.

Spin it Out

Spin it Out

Spin class will also help you get an amazing core and toned legs! Join a group class or try out your own routine at your local gym! The right music will get you pumped for your exercise and stay motivated all the way through.

If you're not a gym member or prefer to take it easier than the classes, go on solo bike rides or enlist your friends in a weekend bike outing.

Snack Smart

Snack Smart

Eating is your biggest contributor to your abs program. While working out will provide that definition that's so popular, only by eating right will you set yourself on the right path. Adding snacks to your diet is a good thing, provided it is a healthy snack. At some time or another, let's face it, your going to eat a snack to curb your hunger pain or need for munching on something.

Snacking will make you less hungry when its meal time causing you to eat a little less. You want to avoid the sugary and salty snacks and incorporate fruits, vegetables, and nuts as your bodies snack of choice. Adding some protein to the snack also helps to hold your appetite down longer. Plan your snacks as you plan your meals.