Quick Workouts: 7 Minutes To A Toned Body

Get toned in no time with these quick exercises. These routines are perfect for an early morning or nighttime sweat. All it takes is seven minutes to begin working your way to a toned body. 

These quick workouts are everything you need to up your regimen for the abs, arms, and butt you want.

Minute One: Weighted Tip-Toe Raises

For the most part, low-impact movements don't yield dramatic results, but these tip-toe raises can transform your calves with daily practice. These weighted raises isolate the calve muscles using resistance to slowly lower your body down. Use free-weights or any heavy items as resistance. Position feet hips width apart and rise onto the balls of your feet with straight legs. Wait two counts and lower slowly. The isolated movement means you can do more sets within 1 minute with less energy.

Minute Two: Crunches

Crunches are the perfect move to do within a minute's time frame. Overdoing it on crunches can lead to bulking upon the muscles underneath the layer of skin and fat over the abdomen. Lay down on the ground with your knees bent and place one hand over the other behind your head, without locking your fingers. Elbows out, and the small of your back pressed down, lift your shoulders off the ground. Within the limits of a minute, crunches can compress the rectus abdominis muscle for a tighter tummy.

Minute Three: Basic Push-Ups

Very few other exercises can engage the entire core, arms, and legs as a simple push up can. No need for any equipment or even a prop, this move can be done wherever you go. Bracing your weight on the balls of your feet and hands, align your shoulders and wrists together, keeping your back straight. Press down fully, elbows going out, and rise. For beginners, you can start at 3 sets of 5-6 push ups and work up gradually in speed and repetition. Watch the excess weight melt away day after day.

Minute Four: First Position Plié Squats

One of the most difficult place to target through exercise is the inner thighs. This ballet based move starts in a plié with your feet pointed slightly outwards and heels together. Press down into a half-squat in this position for two counts and then straighten. If you are struggling with balance, raise your arms out away from your body. Strengthen those stubborn inner-thigh muscles with this simple move.

Minute Five: Elevated Tricep-Dips

This move requires nothing but an elevated flat surface, like a bench, stair, or crate. The weight of your own body acts the most effective resistance as you lower yourself with your arms pressing backwards. If you are just starting out and your arms can't support your full weight, you can bend your legs to re-distribute your weight. As you increase upper-body strength, you can begin extending your legs to increase resistance.

Minute Six: Modified Push-Ups

This work out move is ideal for those with a weak lower back as it strengthens your upper body and core without too much strain. Brace your weight on your palms hips width apart and on your knees, ankles crossed. Make sure your palms lay a fair distance away from your knees so that when you go down, you are lowering fully instead of arching your back.

Minute Seven: Plank

The plank is one of the most featured move in every workout and routine, like Pilates and yoga. The focus on all of the core muscles improves posture and slimmer silhouette. Brace your weight evenly on your forearms and toes. It is important to maintain a straight posture from your shoulders to your legs to avoid straining your lower back. One pro tip is to squeeze your buttocks as you rest in the pose, not only will this straighten your lines, you will tone your backside at the same time.