Low Self-Esteem Lengthens Bad Moods

People with low self-esteem are less likely to break themselves out of a bad mood, even when they are offered an opportunity to do so, American and Canadian researchers have found. In a study involved nearly 900 people, researchers performed several experiments that tested mood.  For example, subjects listened to sad and boring music until they said they felt sad. Then they were given a choice of six videos to watch. Researchers found only 47 percent of the subjects rated as having low self-esteem chose a comedy video, but 75 percent of the high-self-esteem subjects did. The finding suggests some people require a lot of effort to get past negative moods, researchers said. 'If you have low self-esteem, you should actively try to rise above the sadness and learn that you will feel better if you do not passively accept sadness,' they said.  'You may have to kick yourself in the butt ... because it will require a conscious effort rather than something that comes automatically.'

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