Seasonal Depression: 5 Ways To Beat The Blues!

by eyount
Seasonal Depression: 5 Ways To Beat The Blues!

Everyone has their off days, days when you feel down and there is no changing your moody blues. Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD), however, is another beast entirely. It often occurs during the Fall and Winter months when it begins to get darker outside and is a deep form of depression. Nearly 5 percent of the U.S. population suffers from SAD, and up to 25 percent may suffer from another form of winter depression, most of the people being women. Discover the ways to beat these winter blues and motivate yourself during the dark and long Winter months.

Don't try and self-diagnose depression. See your doctor and get a second opinion on the best way to treat your winter blues, whether the symptoms are mild or severe. Some of the symptoms of SAD include lack of energy, fatigue, weight gain and the inability to concentrate.

Light Therapy
A popular treatment for seasonal affective disorder is light therapy, also known as phototherapy or heliotherapy. A device with fluorescent light tubes, a light box is an effective way to deal with winter depression. The patient does not look into the light but rather sits a few feet away from the box while doing everyday activities like reading or watching television.
Take note of the symptoms and prepare yourself for the season by purchasing a lightbox or dawn stimulator (which mimics the sunrise). Light Therapy Products even has a light visor for people on the go. A dawn stimulator would naturally be used in the morning hours while a typical light box treatment has been shown to be ideal for the evenings as it becomes darker outside.

Depression can lead to problems in work, love and family life. Aromatherapy is just one kind of treatment (that is a more natural approach) for SAD. Putting a dab of aromatherapy oil on your neck and wrist (pulse points) or simply using an oil burner with your favorite calming set can help you relax. Room sprays and pillow sprays in lavender promote well-being and a healthy sleep. The editors at Fit&Fab find it is easier to fall asleep with a spray of lavender under our pillows.

You might not believe that you are the 'type' of person who needs, therapy, but you may need to rethink your stance. It is important to address issues like depression early on, and psychotherapy is one the best ways to do that. This is often an effective long-term approach to treating seasonal depression.

Your doctor may know best. Medication is prescribed for more severe cases and may be the answer to your problems. Consult a physician and see if your seasonal depression could be a bigger problem. An antidepressant isn't a cure-all for milder symptoms, so consider the more natural options if you have a mild case of the blues. Medications prescribed by doctors will certainly assist in severe cases and help you temper your depression as the seasons move from Fall to Winter.
Once again, please consult a doctor before taking any of these routes for treating SAD or other form of depression.

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