Staying Motivated with Buddy Workouts

by aevans
Staying Motivated with Buddy Workouts
In my five years as a personal trainer and nutritional counselor, I have discovered that most people go through fitness ebbs and flows. One month they're firing on all cylinders with regular workouts and healthy eating habits and the next they barely feel motivated to get up off the couch. Motivation is the key, and for some people scheduling regular buddy workouts might be the secret to maintaining fitness goals.

What are the benefits of women working out or dieting together?
Having someone to support you through the ups and downs of weight loss is extremely beneficial.  It is really common to feel frustrated, fatigued and confused when you take on a new fitness or diet plan, and knowing that you aren’t alone can be very helpful.  Because it takes time to see results, there’s a high rate of dropping off the plan during the first few months.   Knowing that you have someone there to help you though those times and to act as a sounding board is a fantastic way to get through the difficult days.   It’s a lot harder to skip the gym when you know your friend is there waiting for you.  Also, it can be empowering to feel that someone is looking to you to help them during their hard times.  Staying positive for a friend in need can leave you with a more positive attitude towards your own plan.

How can women getting fit together help each other through setbacks, lack of motivation to exercise, etc.?
Begin by coming up with a few short and long-term personal fitness goals.  Where would you like to be in 2 months?  6 months?  One year?  Then, try to identify why you have chosen your goals.  Have your friend do the same, and go through your goals together.  Talking about what you want and why you want it will enable you to envision it, and it’s a great way for your friend to help you stay on track with positive reminders of your goals and underlying motivation.

 Accountability is a key factor in the success of your plan, so create a contract with your friend that includes each of your goals and outlines how you will help each other realize them.  Set periodic check-in times with your friend to go over the contract and discuss how it’s working.  Encourage one another and celebrate accomplishments.

What are the risks to the relationship if one friend is more successful than the other?
Jealousy and frustration will likely occur if one friend is having more success with the plan.  Recognize that this is normal, and refer back to your personal goal list and remember that you each have different bodies, lives, and goals.  We all have good and bad days, so remember to stay focused, and realize that if your friend is seeing results, that reflects positively on you as a motivator!  Use your friend’s success to help boost your belief in your pact and your ultimate success.

Might women trying to get fit together be more successful than if they were attempting to get fit individually?
It’s really important to have someone to support you through the rough times.  Most people will experience a variety of ups and downs, especially during the first few months.  It helps to have a friend around to help you through the roller coaster ride and remind you of your accomplishments and help you stay motivated.  Being there for a friend in need can help you stay on track, as you know that you’re counting on each other for support. Feeling responsible for someone else’s success can act as a motivator as well:

Begin by coming up with a few short-term and long-term goals.  Where would you like to be in 2 months?  6 months?  One year?  Make a pact or an agreement with your workout buddy to support one another, and to stay true to your focus.  Recognize that this is not a competition, and realize that your body and goals are unique.

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