Improve Your Memory

by aevans
There are some simple exercises that doctors say will help boost your memory.  So put aside that ginkgo and ginseng for just a little bit and give these home remedies for building brain power a try.

Exercise your brain regularly.  Do word puzzles, crosswords, riddles, and brain teasers.  Keeping the mind active helps you always be ready to keep more facts in it.  Also, writing down mundane things, like shopping lists, will help free up attention and focus for other, more important facts.

Do routine tasks in non-routine ways.  Doctors have recommended examples like showering with your eyes closed, eating with your opposite hand, having dessert before dinner, taking a different path to work, or walking stairs backwards.  Each twist on a normal routine helps your brain approach it in a new way, thus helping keep it on task and challenged.

Two other things that studies have shown help boost memory in the long term are regular exercise and stress reduction.  Exercise increases the heart rate, which helps increase the brain transmissions and activity.  Stress reduction helps your brain focus more on important tasks rather than your physical condition.

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