Lunch on a Budget: Easy, Healthy, Portable Lunch Ideas

Lunch on a Budget: Easy, Healthy, Portable Lunch Ideas

School is in session. Even if you are not hitting the books, September is the perfect time to start fresh. What better way to embrace the spirit than by getting into the habit of bringing a healthy and portable lunch to work with you.

Bringing your lunch is a great way to stay on budget, watch what you eat and avoid the mid-day junk food craving.

These speedy lunchtime recipes will get the job done--and won’t add any guilt to your day.

Mason Jar Salad
Summertime may be winding down, but that doesn’t mean your warm weather favorites should be locked away with your summer clothes. This layered salad is perfect (and adorable) for a quick meal-on-the-go. Gather your favorite ingredients in the morning, read our how-to, layer away, and you’re out the door and starting your day.

Dan’s Cream of Tomato Soup

The days are getting chillier--you know what that means! Time to break out all of your great soup recipes. This tomato soup recipe is made with Greek yogurt, giving it a healthier spin on a fall-time favorite.

Low Fat Turkey Wrap
Finally—a yummy recipe for last night’s leftovers. Whole wheat tortillas cut down on calories and get you a dose of your (healthy) daily grains. If vinaigrette isn’t your thing, try a low-fat version of your favorite spread.

Middle Eastern Pita Pizza

These mini pizzas are a fresh and light way to break up your day. Mix up the taste with your favorite flavor of hummus as a base in place of pizza sauce.

Peanut Butter and Honey Roll-Ups

Keep your energy up all day long with these on-the-go roll-ups. Jelly packs a lot of sugar, so substitute honey for a healthier take on an old-school favorite. Add fresh fruit on the ends of the toothpicks for an added sweet treat.

Grilled Cheese and Tuna Sandwiches
Everyone loves the generations-old lunchtime go-to. Stir things up and add canned tuna for a quick way to add healthy fats to your portable lunch.

Avocado Burritos
Avocados are filled with antioxidants and heart-healthy saturated fat. One half contains half of your daily Vitamin K and one-third of your daily Vitamin C intake. Treat your body right with this quick-fix.

Tangy Turkey and Swiss Sandwiches

You can’t go wrong with a lunchtime sandwich, but choose a low-fat butter substitute like Smart Balance to cut down on calories and keep your heart (and waistline) happy.


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