Why You Have Acne and How to Treat It

Why You Have Acne and How to Treat It

Have you noticed acne forming in the same places on your face? Well, I have. My face has been relatively clear all my life. But it wasn't until high school and college that I started to notice that I would get a few pimples around my nose and chin. Turns out there's a relationship between the location of our acne and its causes. Curious? Read on to find out the reason for your acne.

Causes: Irregular sleep schedule, digestive problems, small intestine or liver issues, stress and worry, too much sugary foods, bangs, wearing dirty hats, toxin-build up, hair products

*Solution: Sleep early and wake up early, drink a lot of water to flush out toxins, practice better hygiene, eat healthy and chew thoroughly

Causes: Diet is too high in fat, too much processed food, gallbladder issues, poor lymphatic circulation

*Solution: Practice better hygiene, eat less processed/junk/fast food and more of cooling foods like cucumbers, bitter melon and gourds, reduce consumption of unhealthy fat

Between Brows
Causes: Too much tobacco or alcohol, weak heart

*Solution: Exercise, sleep more, avoid alcohol or smoking, eat lighter foods and avoid late night snacks

Causes: Bloating, constipation, poor blood circulation, poor diet, indigestion, gastrointestinal imbalance

*Solution: Eat less meat, salt and less pungent foods (spices, garlics), exercise everyday, get enough Vitamin B

Left Cheek
Causes: Overeating, Stomach or liver problems, stress, hard to absorb nutrition, dirty cell phones or makeup brushes, blush 

*Solution: Don't overeat, change pillow cases frequently, clean cell phones, keep gums and teeth healthy, take a 5 minute break every hour to rest your eyes

Right Cheek
Causes: Stress, stomach problems, lungs, allergies, dirty cell phones/pillowcases/makeup brushes, blush

*Solution: Avoid fast/junk food, eat less sugar, exercise 7-9AM when the lung is the strongest, change pillow cases and clean cell phones, keep gums and teeth healthy

Lip Area
Causes: Irregular bowels, too much spicy or fried foods, toothpaste, constipation; tiny whiteheads can indicate ovulation

*Solution: Eat less spicy and fired foods, massage your abdominal area in a clockwise motion, change chapstick or toothpaste, eat more fresh fruits and vegetables

Chin and Jaw

Causes: Kidney imbalance, resting hands on face, toothpaste, hormonal problems

*Solution: Don't eat before bed, sleep more, get 20 minutes of exercise every day, massage your body (particularly the abdomen), take omega-3s to help regulate hormones, eat more fresh fruits and vegetables