Recycled Beauty for Earth Day: 5 Easy DIY Tips!

by eyount
Recycled Beauty for Earth Day: 5 Easy DIY Tips!
Don't toss beauty products just because you haven't used them in awhile or because you broke a blush or powder. Each of these items can have new life with a simple tweak, and others can be repurposed completely. Keep reading for the easy ways you can update your beauty regimen and makeup bag and other ways that body poof can be used after you're through with it...more after the jump!

Keep An Eye on Your Nails
Create your own at-home nail art by using a waterproof liquid eyeliner pen to create personalized designs. Make designs using the eyeliner pen brush (the smaller the better) and then seal the design with a clear top coat. Easy peasy!
Poof! Magic Afterlife for the Shower Staple
Once you've used a poof for your shower gels and for scrub-a-dubbin' in the tub, don't let it fall into the garbage can. You can use that shower buddy to scrub countertops and stubborn stains; the netting is ideal for getting out those hard-to-reach and difficult-to-remove stains!

Craft Yourself a Clutch

That old makeup bag doesn't have to be old; it can become a brand-new bag for nights out. A little glitter, some studs and a touch of ribbon and hot glue can turn a has-been into a gotta-have!
Mascara Wand Magic
Before you rush to toss out an old mascara, clean off the wand and give it new life by repurposing it as a manicure tool. The little bristles of the mascara wand serve as an excellent cleaning buddy for under the nails.
Lip Balm for Cuticles
Your cuticles may still be dry from the long Winter. Don't let them go uncared for; you don't even have to head out and buy a cuticle lotion or oil. Your favorite jelly-texture lip balm can keep them hydrated, pretty and ready for that new paint change. It's just that easy!

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