DIY: Cute as a (Magnet) Button

by eyount
DIY: Cute as a (Magnet) Button
If you have old buttons lying around, chances are you are unsure of what to do with them. If you don't plan on sewing them on other items (always a fun idea: updating a blazer or shirt with new buttons), you don't have to throw them away! It's so easy to make magnets out of buttons; they are a great way to liven up your refrigerator, but they are also a great gift or hobby. Who knows? Maybe you will find a whole new crafting skill you didn't know you had! Read on for the easy way you can turn your leftover buttons into fun and festive magnets.

It is so fun to personalize your magnetic surfaces in your home and express your personality. Whether you like bright colors, slogans and quotes or simply something that will keep your grocery list front and center on your fridge, these easy tips will help you make magnets that really stick! Buttons are ideal for this project because they have a sense of whimsy and shabby chic style.
What You Need:

Magnets (Thin rather than thick; purchase at craft stores such as Michael's)
Hot glue gun
Fabric (optional)
Step One
Choose the buttons that you'd like to turn into magnets. Buttons with a flat back are ideal for this project.
Step Two
Apply glue (hot glue is ideal) to the front side of your first magnet and affix a button to it. Hold the button in place until the glue takes hold.
Repeat this step with all of your additional buttons and magnets.
Fun Ideas
Hold onto those extra buttons that come with clothing that you no longer own (or if you can't remember what clothing item the buttons pair with).
Scout out vintage flea markets and garage sales for other old buttons for your projects. Many people will give them away for free!
Ask friends if they have any favorites and use the buttons to make them magnets. If you want to make a duo project, use old fabric you no longer need (or extra fabric from a favorite dress that was taken in) to make personalized buttons.
This is a super-easy project that can be done with little time and effort. Try it with your friends or kids! You can also use buttons for scrapbooking projects; they add whimsy and a cute touch to any DIY project.

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