Make Your Own Glitter Nail Polish

Make Your Own Glitter Nail Polish
With nail polish running upwards of $9 or more a bottle, our nail art habit can get expensive. Until now. Did you know it's fairly simple to make your own polish?

One of our favorite beauty blogs, the Beauty Department posted this awesome guide to making glitter nail polish that we had to share with you. We plan on making some for ourselves and all of our friends!

What You Need:

  • post it note
  • tape
  • bottle of clear top coat
  • 3 sizes of glitter: chunky, fine and a pigmented powder


  • Pour some of the clear polish out to make room for the glitter.
  • Roll a post it note and tape it into a funnel shape.
  • Add 1/4 tsp of chunky glittter,  1/8 tsp. of fine glitter and a pinch of the pigmented powder to the clear polish.
  • Shake the bottle to mix the glitter into the polish.
  • If you want it more sparkly, add more glitter. It's better to start with less and add more.


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Photos courtesy of The Beauty Department

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