Toast to the Season with 11 Fruity Cocktails

Toast to the Season

Live a little! One of the best part of attending holiday parties are the spirits and drinks on tap. While anything with alcohol has it's share of calories, adding in a little fresh fruit flavor makes the juice worth the squeeze, so to speak. Let loose, have fun and drink responsibly!


Cranberry Sangria

Give your favorite Latin restaurant cocktail a Christmas twist by adding fresh cranberries into the mix! Easy drink recipes like this are sure to make a splash at your holiday party. Add in an extra splash of lime to serve a sipper with perfectly balanced flavors. Click here for the recipe!


Refreshing Bellinis

This special cocktail is a perfect way to toast to the new year. Basically all you need is a bit of your favorite bubbly and fresh fruit. Add a little fruit juice concentrate in the mix and you have a class drink that takes very little effort to put together. Click here for the recipe!


Old-Fashioned Blackberry Bramble

Take a step back in time with this old-fashioned drink recipe! The dash of fresh blackberries makes this drink complete. If gin's your drink of choice, this simple recipe is right up your alley. Shake, stir, serve. Click here for the recipe!


Slow Cooker Mulled Wine

This might be my favorite selection. Mulled wine reminds me of chilly days outside with friends and being warmed up by this sweet and spiced libation. Cooking it in your crock pot is one way to take these classic winter flavors to their height. What are you waiting for, grab some wine and your favorite spices! Click here for the recipe.


Fruity White Wine

This is the easiest holiday cocktail idea on the list, but it is certain to do the trick. All you need to do is pick up your favorite bottle of white wine at the store and a bushel of your choice of fresh fruit. Pour a glass, let your fruit steep, and that's about it! You really cannot mess this one up. Click here for the recipe!


Simple Southern Bourbon Cocktail

Like any good Southern afternoon, this cocktail is lovely and lazy. This drink takes a little time to prepare in advance, but once you have your base, you can serve up this amazing cocktail all winter long. It's made extra-seasonal with the inclusion of apricots. Click here for the recipe!


Spiked Ice Cream Float

Turn your favorite dessert into something even more fun. Grab some vanilla ice cream, a little vodka and some fresh raspberries to add a little color. What have you got? One unforgettable holiday party drink that will make everyone happy. Click here for the recipe!


Legendary Fruity Rum Punch

Add a tropical twist to any party by serving this sensational rum punch. You'll get everyone partying in no time when you offer this fruity drink to sample and share. Rum is one of our favorite spirits because it pairs so well with fruit. Click here for the recipe!


Raspberry-Lime Fizz

No holiday is complete with out a cool cocktail to share with your close friends. Feel free to add your own alcohol to this recipe to make it extra-fun! The raspberry-lime flavor is a perfect light and refreshing contrast to the heavy fare of most Christmas meals. What are you waiting for? Toast to all of the good things to come in 2016 with this great drink recipe. Click here for the recipe!


Cranberry Lime Mojito

Mojitos are typically enjoyed in the summer, but this recipe is made specifically for the holiday season! The combination of cranberries and the refreshing lime makes this drink a go-to party cocktail. Click here for the recipe!

Refreshing Cranberry Spritzer

Refreshing Cranberry Spritzer

Calling all vodka-cranberry lovers, this drink recipe is for you! This cocktail is a new take on a classic favorite. Try it out this holiday season for a refreshing and festive cocktail! Click here for the recipe!