10 Ways to Cook Outside Without The Grill

Are you tired of grilling, or ready to try something new with your outdoor cooking? Campfire cooking just may be your new favorite grill substitute. Whether you are out camping or hosting a barbecue, try these fantastic recipes for over the fire meals to spice up your summer!

Off-The-Grill Chicken

Who needs a grill when you can cook deliciously seasoned chicken on the fire in your backyard? You can create this tasty recipe with the classic chicken seasonings of your choice. To check out the recipe click here!

Grill-Free Parmesan Corn On The Cob

If you're like me and love corn on the cob in the summertime, then you'll definitely appreciate this delicious recipe. This recipe spruces up a classic dish with the addition of a Parmesan, cheesy spread. Cook this dish on a skillet over the fire, and prepare your taste buds to be extremely satisfied. To try the recipe click here!

Grill-Free Steak

Many people prefer to grill their steaks, but I can assure you this fire-cooked steak recipe will leave you pleasantly surprised. Best of all, the ingredients are simple! To check out the recipe click here!

Campfire Kabobs

The endless variety of kabob grilling options allows your imagination to wander. I personally love preparing kabobs, so I decided to find a grill-free way to create one of my favorite dishes. You'll be saying goodbye to the grill and hello to the campfire with this delicious chicken kabob recipe. To get the recipe click here!

Crescent dogs

Nothing says camping like feasting on a classic hot dog. After awhile, however, hot dogs may seem (and taste) a bit bland. I think it's time for a change. Try out this new recipe for delicious crescent dogs, and say goodbye to boring meals. The next time you're craving a hot dog, give this must-try recipe a spin. To check out the recipe click here!

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