Secrets To Eating Healthy While Dining Out

Secrets for Dining Out the Healthy Way

Cooking meals at home can be key while maintaining a healthy diet. When we cook at home we can control portion sizes and manage the exact ingredients that make up our meal. But let’s be realistic. Going out to eat is fun and no one wants to say no to an exciting evening out. Sticking to a healthy diet doesn’t mean you have to skip dining out. Here are five tips to follow for eating healthy at a restaurant.

Know your foodie jargon. 

Navigating a menu can be tricky. Read into not only what ingredients make up each meal but also how it is being prepared. Look for works like “steamed,” “baked” and “grilled.” 

Watch out for the butter and oil trap. 

Chefs add butter and oil for flavor but when it comes to eating healthy watching butter and oil content is key. Rice, risotto and mashed potatoes can hide extra calories so opt for more color on your plate like a side salad or consider a baked potato. 

Ask for sauces on the side. 

When we add dressing to a salad, the typical serving size is two tablespoons. Control your own portions by asking for dressing, pasta sauce and condiments on the side. 

Portion control. 

The portion sizes at many restaurants are much larger than what we should be eating. To keep from overeating try these tricks: 

• Share a main dish with a friend

• Ask for your doggie bag right away so when your food is delivered pack half to go before you dig in

• See if there are small plate or appetizer-sized portions of entrées     

Simply ask. 

They key to healthy dining out is talking to your server. Consider saying to your server, “I’m being conscious about what I’m eating tonight, what healthy options do you recommend?” Chances are they will give you some healthy and yummy recommendations.


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