Can Tea Help You Lose Weight?

And other health benefits of this superfood.

Can Tea Help You Lose Weight?

Not sure what to order the next time you are grabbing a drink? Try a tea! 

Tea is one of the best things you can put in your body. But not all teas are created equal. Find out the differences in black, green and white tea. From their antioxidant levels to which tea can help shrink your waistline the best you will be surprised to know the answers. 

Don’t get us wrong, any cup of tea is a great cup of tea. 

And when it comes to milk or lemon in your tea, choose lemon. The vitamin C in lemons helps with the absorption of the tea making their health benefits even better for you.

Watch this great video from PopSugar for everything you need to know about tea.  


Here is more information on the health benefits of tea. 

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