The Best And Worst Green Drinks

The Best And Worst Green Drinks

It may look green and have the name “green goddess” or “green machine,” but it may not be the best green drink and smoothie option if juicing or trying to lose weight. 

Nutritionist Molly Kimball explains the best and worst options for store-bought green drinks. If juicing, dieting, or simply searching for a healthier option, she explains the nutritional content in each green drink. 

The healthier options contain only vegetables and greens without added sugars extracted from juiced fruits. 

The green drink options that are packed with vitamins and hold the most nutritional value include Balance by Green Fork, Purity by Daily Greens and Alternative Fuel, which are juiced daily at Whole Foods. 

Green drinks containing juiced vegetables and fruits also contain sugar and carbs. Some contain up to 60 grams of sugar, which can be problematic for those trying to limit calorie intake. 

So go ahead, watch this video and get vegucated! 


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