Hydrate. Moisturize. Repeat.

This is the first tip on the list for good reason. No matter what shape your skin is in, drinking 8 cups of water a day helps to clear up any spots or blemishes. Drinking around 72 ounces of water a day helps to keep your skin calm in the drying heat of the sun. The sun can be a major skin irritant, but drinking water is one step to ward off its negative effects, while still allowing you to safely soak up the rays. That is, with sunscreen on, of course. More on that later. Water is great, but moisturizing is essential as well.

If it isn't already, a simple moisturizer should be a part of your daily and nightly beauty routine. With so many products on the market, it's hard to choose. Personally, I love Cetaphil and Cerave, but I also have a penchant for drugstore moisturizers as well, which do the same job for a fraction of the price.

What your moisturizer DOES need is a dose of SPF. This is your first defense against the harmful UV rays that can damage your skin and overall health. After washing your face, apply a thin coating of moisturizer before you put on your makeup in the morning and after you've removed it at night for picture-perfect skin perfection. A great moisturizer also helps to smooth out any imperfections, dull any redness and is essentially a thirst-quencher for your skin. As you can see, moisturizing and hydrating all day is a one-two punch for keeping your skin healthy and bright.