Sunscreen. Sunscreen. Sunscreen.

Skin care and prevention of skin cancer go hand in hand. The first defense in any skin care regimen, for women, men and children of any age is sunscreen. What is the right SPF for you? As long as you start at around 15, modulating higher as the heat increases or as need for a higher level of protection works well. If it is VERY hot, try your best to stay out of the sun, especially between the peak hours of 11 and 3 PM. A tan at the expense of skin cancer exposure just isn't worth it. Please consult your doctor for any questions regarding fair skin, special sunscreens, or any dermatological concerns.

Especially with kids, you can never be too careful. In addition to the laundry list of sunscreens out there that get even easier to apply every year (we don't know what we would do with the spray-on variety), there are so many cute options for hats, sunglasses and other sun-shielding options. I challenge you to find a cute, fashion forward hat or pair of sunglasses that you fall in love with. Not only are pieces like this forever on-trend, but they help to keep you safe in the beaming sun.