Know Your Skin Type

by ksteed
Know Your Skin Type
Caring for your skin is an important party of staying healthy and looking good.  Each of the five skin types requires different a beauty regime, but which one should you follow?  Here’s how to identify and care for your skin type so you’ll be able to keep your features looking their best.

Normal skin does not show any signs of dryness or oil.  It has a healthy appearance and feels smooth and elastic.  Because it does not contain excess oil, this skin type does not break out very often.  Normal skin should be washed and moisturized daily, but there are no special precautions that need to be taken when dealing with this skin type

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Dry skin isn’t very difficult to spot.  If your skin feels papery, rough, or tight, and your pored appear to be very small, then you probably have this skin type.  While dry skin is not very prone to blemishes, it can appear to age much quicker than other types of skin.  Be sure to keep it moisturized as often as possible and avoid using soaps with high alkaline levels.

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You probably have oily skin if your skin feels greasy, appears shiny, and you have large, noticeable pores.  People with oily skin break out more often than people with other skin types.  If you’re unsure about whether or not you have oily skin, press a piece of paper or tissue to your T-zone (the chin, nose, and forehead).  If there are any traces of oil left on the paper, you probably have oily skin.  To care for this type of skin, keep it cleansed throughout the day.  After cleansing, any wipe away any extra oil with an astringent.  Avoid using makeup or other products that contain oil, as they can clog your pores.

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Combination skin has patches of both oily and dry skin.  Generally, your cheeks will be dry, while the T-zone will be oily.  These different parts of your skin must be treated differently.  Use a cleanser or astringent to treat the oily areas and be sure to keep the dry areas moisturized.  Try to find a cleanser that will not dry your skin.  Many beauty companies make products especially for combination skin, so be sure to read product labels.

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Sensitive skin often shows signs of redness and flaking.  If you have sensitive skin, using face products may cause burning, itching, or irritation.  It is important that people with sensitive skin use gentle products that do not contain harsh perfumes or chemicals.  Mineral makeup generally contains more natural ingredients, so they will probably be less irritating to sensitive skin.

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