Have You Thought Of A New Year's Resolution?

Have You Thought Of A New Year's Resolution?

Have you thought of a new year's resolution? Not all of our ideas are painful or even require a ton of time. Keep reading to see some of our favorite life makeover ideas.

Join a fun exercise class, and aim to attend for the duration of the class! Whether it's once a week or three times a week, you'll feel better and begin developing a skill. Choose a race you want to run (or jog... or walk...) next fall, and make it your goal to practice for the next 8 months. 

I tend to get lazy as the year progresses, and don't often style my hair or wear my best clothes to work. Set a quota of dressing up (not in jeans!) once a week or more. You will feel better every day!

Mental Health and Wellness
Sleep more. You'll be less tired, less cranky, and more productive.

Put down the fast food and change your diet! You can make better choices everyday, so try it this year by cutting out soda, choosing a salad over a burger, or skipping the afternoon trip to the vending machine for cookies.

Set your alarm clock and do not hit the snooze button at any cost. Ever.

At the end of each day, write yourself a list of items to accomplish the next day. Then, you will always start the day on a productive note!

Sign off your cell phone, e-mail, social networks, laptop, whatever device or program is keeping you in cyberspace and rejoin the real world... and OFTEN!