The Olympian Diet

The 2014 Winter Olympics are upon us and the athletes are weighing in on what goes into their training and diet regime.

The Olympian Diet

Do you ever wonder what Olympic athletes include in their diets to stay lean and fit? The best athletes in the world are competing in Sochi and the athletes have been training for years for this moment. Dedication and hard work drive these athletes towards the gold and we should be taking notes. One thing that makes an impact in their training is their diet. 

Here are five key foods that are high in protein and help you to recover after intensive workouts from CBS


Eggs are packed with protein and vitamins including Vitamin D, B Vitamins, iron and zinc. Eggs are cheap and easy to incorporate in many recipes.

Go Bananas

Bananas are essential to training because they are high in iron and carbs. Also, bananas are quick and easy snacks to get energy before a workout or to aid in recovery post-workout. 

It Started With The Greeks

Greek yogurt is rich in protein (twice as much protein as regular yogurt), calcium and vitamins B6 and B12. Add your favorite fruits or granola to stay full longer and get energized. 

PB Hold the J

Peanut butter is an Olympic athlete’s best friend because of their high energy, intensive workout regime. Nutritionally, nuts are a good source of protein, fiber, vitamin E, and B vitamins necessary for converting food into energy, and some antioxidants. 

Mmm, Chocolate Milk

Chocolate milk is a recovery liquid used to re-hydrate and re-fuel your body. An 8-ounce serving of 1 percent chocolate milk has about 200 calories, 11 grams of protein, 30 grams of protein and 5 more grams of potassium than any sports drink. The combination of carbs and protein post-workout will replenish carb stores in the muscles and liver to help build and repair muscle tissue. 


Besides eating, here are some helpful tips for staying active and dedicated like our favorite Olympians from Fitbie

Be Part Of a Team

Having a workout buddy is a great motivational tool for exercising and staying healthy together. You’ll also be less likely to cancel workouts if you make a date with someone to hit the gym.

Keep it Simple 

Know what works for your body and stick with a routine that provides results. As long as you incorporate cardio, core strength, and weight training into your workouts, you’ll have a well-balanced exercise regime. 

Push Yourself

Be dedicated towards making your body look and feel better while feeling stronger, more energized and focused. 

Go For the Gold

For Olympic athletes their motivation is to go for the gold, but for others it is helpful to have a specific goal in mind such as fitting into a pair of skinny jeans or running a 5k.