Conceal Like A Pro With The Ultimate Concealer Map

Concealer is a great tool for covering blemishes or pimples that tend to appear out of nowhere. However, many people aren't using concealer correctly or in the right places. Here is a map, and some tips you can use for the perfect coverage. 


Using a concealer after doing your eyebrows is a great finish. It provides a clean and even look to your face. It also highlights your eyebrow areas, giving them an automatic lift. Your concealer should be a shade or two lighter so that it gives a highlighting effect. 

Nose Bridge/Sides of Nose

Using concealer on your nose is great for bring attention to the center of your face. If it is done right, it is also a great way to create a slimming affect to your nose. To bring attention to the center of the face, only highlight the top middle part of your nose. To create a slimming affect, use concealer on the sides of your nose

Under Eye

Concealer is more commonly used for camouflaging any dark circles you might have underneath the eye. The area under your eyes tends to be more pigmented than the rest of your face, making dark circles quite common and obvious. Only use concealer on the dark part of your eyes, and not your whole eye

Mouth Corners 

Using concealer on the corners of your mouth helps give a lift to your mouth. As we age, our mouth and lips start to drag and drop. Using a concealer on your outer mouth will give you an automatic lift in the area, giving you a more young refreshed look

Under Lip 

For those who suffer from redness underneath the mouth, this is a great way to cover it. Create a small circle under the lip with the concealer to give your under lip a small highlight. It also helps conceal the shadow that is created in the area by our mouth. 

Photo via Instagram