Summer Shades For Every Face

Yes, they’re practical, but they’re also a key summer style accessory. Sunglasses come in all shapes in sizes, but not all of them will complement your face shape. The most important thing to remember when choosing a pair of sunglasses is that the frame size should be in proportion with the face size.  Unsure of what your shape is? Try this:

Take a photo of yourself. Mark your most prominent facial features on the photo with a pen. Make sure to take a look at each cheek bone, the outer edge of each eyebrow and each side of your jaw. Then connect the dots, and see which shape materializes.

Smaller sunglasses look best with smaller faces, and vice versa. But, the frame shape should be the opposite of the shape of the face. Here are some suggestions when choosing your summer shades:

Oval – These lucky ladies can pretty much pull off any style. Try square shaped frame with rounded edges or whatever is hot at the moment. Big and bold is hot right now. Just remember to select sunglasses that complement your eyebrows shape.

Round – Full faces without much cheekbone or jaw definition are deemed round. You’re going to want frames that are equal to or a little but wider than the broadest part of your face. Try wide frames that are sharp-angled, rectangular styles or double brows. These shades will make your face look longer and thinner. You can also try dark frames in black or brown.

Diamond – Your face is considered diamond-shaped if you have a small forehead, high cheekbones, narrow eyes and a narrow jaw. Oval, square or rimless sunglasses will soften the curves on your face. Just makes sure that the styles aren’t wider than your cheekbones.

Square – This face shapes means that your strong points are a strong jaw, wide forehead, wide chin and wide cheekbones. Frames should sit high enough to minimize the jaw line. Try narrow styles and oval or round frames. They should contrast well with your square features.

Triangle – This face has a narrow jaw and a wide forehead. Aim for shades that minimize the width of your face by accenting the eye area. Try metal frames with rimless bottoms. Also, stay away from bold colors like red sunglasses

Inverted Triangle – Also, called heart-shaped, this face has a wide forehead and a long, narrow chin. Frames that sit low on the temples look fabulous. You can also try adding some color to draw attention to eyes.