Everything You Need To Know About Fashion Accessories

No outfit is complete without a few good fashion accessories.  Whether you drape yourself with necklaces, get some bling with a ring or two, or throw on a fun headband, some well-selected fashion accessories can be the essential ingredients to making that perfect outfit.  Let Fit and Fab Living teach you about the latest trends in fashion accessories and give you some helpful tips on choosing and wearing fashion accessories.

Fashion Accessories Tips
Make your pantyhose last longer: If you put your pantyhose in the freezer for 24 hours, they won’t run as easily and they seem to last longer.

Get knots out of necklaces: Necklaces and chains often get little knots in them. You can get those little knots out faster by putting the chain on a flat area (such as your desk) and using a pin to pull out the chain without breaking it. Any sewing needle will work just fine. Add a drop or two of baby oil to help the chain move more easily.

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How to Best Wear Your Fashion Accessories
How to rock strappy gold sandals: Gold sandals look great mixed with chic, classic sportswear pieces. Think Katherine Hepburn for the top and bottom.  In other words, go for slouchy men’s style trousers paired with either a fitted lightweight knit top or a crisp white cotton button-front shirt. If you’re going for the knit top, keep it sophisticated, not preppy, by avoiding bright colors and overly bold stripes. If you choose the white shirt, the Gap is always a good bet for a well-tailored, well-priced option. Pair the white shirt with either medium-sized thin gold hoop earrings or, for something a bit more daring, ropes of layered gold chains and pearls of varying lengths.

Wrap it up:
 If you still love your pashmina, go ahead and wear it to a formal event- it’s perfectly acceptable. But if you want a wrap that is a bit more of-the-moment, try a Bajra silk and cotton blend fringe scarf. You could also try a cashmere scarf.  A super-soft solid cashmere rectangle can keep you warm on chillier summer nights. If you prefer a jacket, try a sporty chic jacket or blazer in a neutral color. Both go nicely over an evening dress or skirt and top, and can be worn for seasons to come. For a softer look, try a pretty cardigan with some clever detailing like pointelle stitching or embroidery.

Charm your way to fashion: When wearing charms, consider using a variety of different chains instead of one chain with several charms. The chains should vary slightly in length, so the charms don’t sit directly on top of each other and create an unwieldy jumble. That being said, do remember that a little mess is part of the bohemian look, so you shouldn’t be afraid of disparate shapes, styles, and materials. Seek inspiration from jewelry designers who’ve mastered the art of mixing and matching: Nabi’s Cameron and Cala necklaces both have beautiful groupings of hoops and bangles. Nicole Romano also blends many different elements in her necklaces. If you’re looking for charms, consider Lizzie Scheck’s adorable pendants – she models her designs after everything from starfish to flip-flops. You can also find a huge variety of affordable charms on Ebay, where the goods run the gamut from Italian horns to vintage cameos.

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