5 Ways to Rock a Belt!

We all know that belts are a widely-utilized fashion accessory, but many years ago, only war heroes and cowboys were associated with the leather strap, and as a necessity—for practical reasons only. Today the belt doesn’t merely exist to keep your pants in place! It can add that extra bit of rock ‘n roll flare to any outfit, and not always even around the belt loops of one’s jeans! Here are some ways to make the belt work for you!

Belt a dress with a skinny belt.

A floral dress can easily be over-the-top girly, but when belted with a thin leather belt, it instantly becomes more laid-back. Pairing a cute pair of wedges or even boots with the look can keep it from becoming too frou-frou. Classic dresses also benefit from a belt as it breaks the look up and can accessorize a plain, solid-colored sheath.

Fake a waist!

A belt over a thin jacket or button-up sweater instantly draws attention to the smallest part of your body- your waist. Wearing these items loose and large can look sloppy, but a belt pulls the look together to give you a classic and seemingly well thought-out look.

Drape over your hips.

If your belt is adjustable and can be worn in different ways, try wearing it around your hips so that it hangs casually. This is a nice look for a night out at a bar or for a more casual occasion. It looks great when paired with jeans and a slimming tank top and even provides the illusion of longer legs!

Use the belt as something else entirely!

You can make a thin belt into a new purse strap or turn an old belt you never use into a project by repurposing it as a classic leather cuff. DIY projects are a great way to get use out of something you never thought you’d use again and make for a fun rainy day activity!

Have fun with it!

Don’t feel restricted to a brown leather or black patent leather belt. There are a great variety of options when it comes to belts, from studded thin belts to floral-patterned wide belts. Mix and match and see what works best for you- just never wear a belt too tight! You can even try rocking two thin belts at once to give your look a great contrast and unique flare.