Look Thinner!: 3 Flattering & Affordable Jewelry Pieces

Can you look thinner with jewelry? Absolutely! The perfect piece of jewelry doesn’t distract from your overall look- it compliments it! Whether you are petite or plus size, you can find jewelry that works for you and makes the real you shine through. Here are the ways to make your jewelry work to present a thinner and more put-together you!

To start, jewelry doesn’t have to be expensive. It is nice to have a couple of pieces for that special occasion, whether it be diamond studs, a tennis bracelet, jade danglers or a designer cuff. These are pieces that will last a lifetime, but there are plenty of lovely designs that come from more common places (and at better prices)!

Search through the goodies at local boutiques or wholesale stores. Many of the boutique items are rare (you will be the only one sporting them!), and wholesale prices are a steal. This is where your shops get many of their pieces, so why shouldn’t you get them for a cheaper price? Check out mall stores such as Forever 21. They are aware of jewelry trends and implement designer styles in their own designs for a tiny fraction of the price!

Choose a Lariat
The lariat necklace elongates your neck, and when paired with a V-neck top, it really makes you appear taller and slimmer. The visual of this piece can be simple in a gold, brass or silver tone. Jazz it up with details like dangling beads, rhinestones or even a delicate feather or two. The lariat can be sweet and simple or chunky and they come in a variety of styles. Whether you prefer a bright design or a subtle flair, this necklace can accomplish both tasks!

Cause a commotion with a statement piece
. You may have heard it before, but the advice still rings true: a chunky statement piece can make an outfit! It also puts focus on your decollete. Look for pieces by Shoshanna for QVC or clear crystal with floral adornments. These pieces can be neutral or bright, classic or trendy. Chunky or beaded, clear or patterend, these bring the focus up towards your face instead of down towards your midsection. They make your eyes shine and sparkle and any woman can wear them with confidence. Keep the rest of your look minimal and your hair short or up so you can let the piece shine. Try one in turquoise if you have blue eyes, and consider matching earrings!

Sparkly oversized studs or hoop earrings
. Not everyone can pull off the hoop earring, but anyone can rock a big pair of flashy baubles! These pieces draw attention to your face and frame it beautifully. If you are less than happy about your weight, don’t hide it in baggy, unflattering clothing- just smile and walk confidently into a room with sparkly stunners that catch the light. Everyone will notice your eyes, teeth and smile, but not that you haven’t been to the gym in awhile. Some of the most confident and happy women are those who enter a room with a smile and a laugh! Let your face do the talking instead of your hips!