Flats that Take You from Summer to Fall

It’s hard to find a pair of shoes that suit the hot summer weather and the cooler winter weather, but we found a pair that can! Keep reading to see how adding flats to your shoe collection can really be a great investment in year-round fashion.

Why are they great for summer? Flats are great for warm weather because you can wear them with almost any outfit, from pants to shorts to dresses. They come in many summery colors, as well as neutrals. You can buy perforated flats, meaning they have small holes in them that help your feet breathe in warmer weather.

How do they work for winter? Flats keep your toes and feet warm because they have a firm sole and surround the entire foot. You can pair tights with flats for a put-together look that’s even warmer. Flats match lots of winter outfits, from your leggings and slouchy sweater, right down to your work slacks and blouse. They are a perfect pick!

Making the transition from summer to winter. Not all flats are great for both seasons. Pick a neutral color that won’t get too dirty and will work in summer and winter. Hot pink is probably a great choice for summer, but it won’t transition to winter. Similarly, black velvet might not be the best material for summer. Leather of almost any color will do the trick here, and will keep you looking classy on both sides of fall. 

Where do I shop? There are lots of great places to buy flats. For a classy leather pair for work, check out Michael Kors. For a more casual pair, check out Forever 21.