The Eyes Say It All: Wedding Eye Make-Up Tips

It’s an emotional day so your eyes should be especially tear-proof, as should the rest of your face. Choose cosmetics that will go the distance, like Sormé’s advanced, long-lasting technologies, formulated especially for long wear. The eye shadows can be used dry for a smoky look or wet for precision, and Sormé’s signature square pencil eyeliner is renown for duplicating the waterproof and smudge-proof eye that made Cleopatra so unforgettable. A perfect pout finishes the look and, in this case, a little Lip Thick goes a long way. Applied under colour, Sormé’s special polypeptides stimulate circulation and collagen, making lips appear up to 40 per cent fuller. Follow with Longlasting Lipliner (to prevent colour bleeding) then one of an array of softer shades from the Perfect Performance or Lasting Lips lip colour selection. Magique Seal lipstick fixative moisturizes, with ingredients like aloe vera and chamomile, while the sealed coating protects lips from smudging during the many smiles ahead.