Arielle Exner


Dive in to the pool for an amazing full body workout without the strain. Swimming laps will strengthen your shoulders and impro...
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Take a Walk

We know you can walk the walk! Incorporate more walking into your daily routine to burn calories without even knowing it. It's ...
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The Elliptical

Pass on the treadmill and head straight to the elliptical! It’ll put less strain on your legs while getting your heart rate p...
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Whether it’s the rowing machine at the gym or if you actually have time to get in the water, rowing can do wonders! It doesn...
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Water Aerobics

We love the water, but we know swimming laps can get pretty mundane. For some much needed stimulation, try an aerobics class! I...
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Circuit Training

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Spin Class

When in doubt, start spinning! Spinning class is a great way to shape those legs, work those abs, and burn calories, fast. The ...
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The Lazy Girl’s Guide to Getting In Shape

Losing motivation or don’t have any at all? It’s A-OK, we’ve been there, and we’ve found a solution. Sometimes...
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