The Latest Beauty + Fashion Finds We’re Raving About

Spring is here, which means not only a break from the drying Chicago winter, but a time for adding more color and fun into our everyday routine. Over the past few weeks, I’ve tried out some new products and fun fashions I can’t wait to share with you. Happy spring, everyone!

ZAPZYT Pore Treatment Gel

I could not be pickier when it comes to skincare. I break out incredibly easily and normally, I rely on my dermatologist for all things face-related. After finishing up a so-so round of prescription medication, I came upon the pore treatment gel and decided to give it a try over the Easter holiday weekend I figured, if I have a reaction, I have a few days to let it settle.

REN ClearCalm 3 Replenishing Gel Cream

This is another extremely gentle skincare product that is great for sensitive skin. It’s perfect to layer on after your normal face wash and moisturizer for a little more clarification. It has a great, fresh smell and when it is washed off, it makes the skin feel extra clean and soft.

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