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Skin Match: The App That Every Woman Should Have

If you’re an app fiend, then chances are your smart phone is loaded with all kinds of life-saving applications such as Urban Spoon, Pandora and ShoZu.  Who would’ve ever guessed that the original large, clunky cell phone would have turned into such a sleek gadget that we walk around shaking so that it would tell us where we should eat dinner? Technology has certainly come a long way.

Everyday there are tons more apps being created that do more and more sophisicated things.  Now, there are beauty apps that make looking great simple! Modiface’s new app – Skin Match – is one such app.  If you wear foundation or concealer, you know how much money can be wasted purchasing bottles, tubes and powders of foundation that seem like the right color.  How many times have you matched up the small color swatch on the bottle to your skin tone only to find that the foundation is too dark or too light for your skin. It can take many purchases before finding the right foundation for your skin tone, and we all know that buying makeup is not cheap!

Skin Match, however, transforms the way women are buying makeup – you can find the right foundation on the first purchase, and in only 2 easy steps!  First, you take a picture of your face or hand.  The app is even prepared to deal with discoloration resulting from poor light.  If you notice that the lighting isn’t doing justice to your skin, you can adjust a sliding bar on your phone’s screen to match your true skin tone. After you have your photo setup, Skin Match searches through its database of nearly 200 foundations in order to find the brands that will best match your skin!

In only a minute or two, this beauty app will make shopping for the right foundation a snap – a snap of a the camera, that is!  Best of all, this amazing app is only $0.99.  Check out the itunes app store to see screen shots of how Skin Match works.

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